Stewardship: A Way of Living

First of all, what is Stewardship?

Stewardship is the act of exercising our faith in order to deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ.  Stewardship is an act of worship, an expression of our faith, and a spiritual discipline.  Stewardship is a part of lives in every moment. 


What does Stewardship mean to you?

That is a question we explore, both individually and as a congregation. Keep scrolling to see what a couple of our members have shared with us all!

Jana says:

Good morning… For those who don’t know me, I’m Jana Holst. I have been a member of CtK for a little over 20 years now. It really doesn’t seem like 20 years…the time has flown by.

Over those years, I have worn many hats. Webmaster, Offering Counter, Council Member, Mutual Ministry Member, Adult Choir Member, Bell Choir Member, and in the past year, even a "Church Lady" hat.

The hat I’ve worn the longest at (CtK) has been the bookkeeper hat. I’m not sure exactly when I started, but I think it is been about 14 years now. Some people might find the activity recording income and writing checks… boring or even tedious, but one of the talents God gave me, was the talent of finding joy in order. I do enjoy making lists, storing data, and summing up columns of numbers. So, I am very glad to share my time and talents in this way with CtK. I find a calmness in the weekly data entry and monthly checkbook reconciliation. I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I send out reports to the ministry teams. I really feel like I’m pitching in and helping people even when I am in the office alone.

To me, Stewardship has always meant being a steward of the gifts God has given us. It’s a word we don’t use very often anymore. We are more likely to say "manager" or "caretaker". So, for me everything I do in life displays my stewardship… good or bad. When I recycle my bottles and cans to benefit the environment… “Good steward”, when I waste clean water at the sink, “Bad Steward”.

God has given me so much…great family and friends, great church family (here at CtK and at “First Lutheran” growing up in Chariton, Iowa… and also the talents and skills that have allowed me to have a great career.

So… as for WHY I give… it’s pretty simple… I have been given so much, that I want to give back.

I don’t consider my giving to be sacrificial.

That would be quite a leap for me… but I give with Joy from my abundance and try to do my best to share my talents with you all… as we walk on our journey, together.

Pat says:

God has truly blessed my life in many ways, including having a great family and friends, good health, a successful career and a deep faith which has intensified as I have aged.

Four years ago, I retired and moved back to Nashua to be with family after an absence of 30 years. After settling in my new home and adapting to the many wonderful changes that have occurred during the time I had been living in Texas and Pennsylvania, I excitedly started to search for my new church. Visiting a new church for the first time can be intimidating experience. Everything is new and unknown, and everyone is a stranger. I began by checking websites and talking to my neighbors about their experiences. I visited five churches before my arrival at Christ the King!

I vividly remember each detail of my visit from driving into the parking lot and sitting there trying to figure out which door to enter, to meeting an old friend. I sat in my car for about two minutes until I saw a family going toward the building. I quietly walked in behind them and found a seat next to a very pleasant woman who introduced herself as Effie. As I looked around I noticed the lovely, colorful windows behind the altar and beautiful quilts hanging over each pew. The interior of the church was warm and welcoming. It reminded me of my former church in Pennsylvania of which I was an active member for 20 years.

Before the service started, Effie and I had a conversation and I realized how fortunate I was to have chosen to sit next to a delightful, friendly knowledgeable woman. After the service, others introduced themselves and welcomed me to Christ the King. I was amazed when Joyce Janosky introduced herself and asked me if I was a former teacher in Nashua, which I was! She reminded me that she had two daughters that were in my class! Wow! She remembered me.

Needless to say, I left that day with a positive, excited feeling that I had finally found my new congregation and my new church family. I returned the next Sunday and was invited to lunch after the service where I met more new friends. I quickly became part of “Shorty’s” lunch bunch and a member of Christ the King‘s family.

Recently I have been working with the Welcome Team and have enjoyed the experience of helping new people feel welcome by sharing what our church is all about. Each week our team is helping prospective members feel appreciated and accepted and our “already members” are learning more about Jesus’ love by lifting Him up in worship, seeking Him in prayer and growing closer to Him through discipleship.

We should all feel blessed beyond measure to be a part of this amazing congregation and family of faith WHERE ALL ARE WELCOME.

I especially feel fortunate to have met so many gracious, generous, genuine people who I now call my church family.